Sunday, September 22, 2013

Art: Nobody likes a show off, but Kang, Kang-hoon's paintings are unnervingly accurate

Hmm. That’s odd. I thought these were real people living inside my disgustingly large screen. Oh wait, these are PAINTINGS created by artist Kang, Kang-hoon. What I don’t get about this sort of thing (apart from why hasn’t Kang, Kang-hoon been awarded some sort of lifetime achievement award) is why haven’t camera manufacturers just given up? You can imagine the big dogs at Leica seeing this and doing that thing when you brush everything off a desk in one swoop and storming out yelling “That’s it!” in rage. Because Kang, Kang-hoon is obviously some sort of human camera and we should be afraid, very afraid.
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    Kang, Kang-hoon: Modern day collage, unable to cry
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    Kang, Kang-hoon: Modern collage, custom made breath

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