Saturday, July 21, 2012

Will You Watch (and Love to Hate) Gallery Girls? “The art world is super cutthroat”

Oh, reality TV! You’re such a guilty pleasure for so many. And I’ll admit, from time to time, I’m drawn into your scripted “real-life” drama (and I LOVE every minute of it…even when I’m ridiculously shreiking at the TV: “No! NOOOO! You have to send So&So home or I swear to sh*t, I’m not watching next week!…So, have they shown next week’s preview yet?!!”).

And now we have Gallery Girls.

You Can’t Spell “Tears” Without “Art”

Bravo’s Gallery Girls is a docu-series that follows the lives of seven dynamic and ambitious young women in New York City who tackle the cutthroat environment of the art world while vying for their dream jobs. From gallery openings and art shows to the hottest events in the city, the women share a passion for art — but are divided between their Manhattan and Brooklyn lifestyles with vastly different views and tastes towards fashion, art, and men. Attempting to juggle a chic and fabulous standard of living, the ladies tackle financial struggles, family issues, and the pressures of jump starting their lives in the city that never sleeps. [Bravo TV]

“Girls! Girls! Girls!” –

I mean, look at the pic to the side. It already makes me scream, “Look at these bitches! You know they’re gonna start some SHIIIIT!” …Isn’t that terrible of me? ;P

I tried to take a look at the preview, but the video wasn’t working. From what I can tell though, this might be more like The Hills and shows of that sort. I’ve never dipped my TV-loving-toes into that particular pool of reality shows, and I fear what might happen if I begin with one that’s supposedly representing the world of art (will viewers really think it does? …Some will, won’t they?).

For anyone who doesn’t identify with the Gallery Girls‘ conception of the art world, this will be the show you love to hate. But this isn’t really a show about art anyway; Gallery Girls is as much about art as Survivor is about tropical ecology. This is a show about the swirl of capital and ego that surrounds and occasionally attaches itself to art. “Art” just serves as the excuse — the mover of dollars, a tool of self-glorification and an occasion for parties. [Hyperallergic]

“The art world is super cutthroat.” Especially when you’re forced to mop the floor in your heels!

The first season includes Liz MarguliesKerri LisaChantal Chadwick, Claudia Martinez , Angela Pham, Amy Poliakoff, and Maggie Schaffer. Mostly white. All typically pretty. All appear as if they could be within a few years in age of each other. Pretty much what you’d expect (which is unfortunate).

The series premieres on August 13th on Bravo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be seeing it here in Canada at the same time, so I’ll be sure to keep and eye open.

What are your thoughts? Will you watch (and love to hate) Gallery Girls?

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