Friday, May 4, 2012

Jennifer Rubell Made a Nutcracker in the Shape of a Naked Woman for Frieze New York

Anish Kapoor may have Frieze New York’s most photographed artwork, but ubiquitous food artist Jennifer Rubell has created the fair’s most popular interactive artwork. Her sculpture “Lea I” (2012), on view in the booth of Athens’s Breeder Gallery, is a Barbie doll-featured female mannequin turned on its side that doubles as a functioning nutcracker. 

Fair-goers who don’t want to get in line at the already-swamped Frieze restaurants can treat themselves to some walnuts by placing one in “Lea”’s crotch and pulling the sculpture’s left leg down, crushing the nut between the piece’s upper thighs.

When ARTINFO stopped by the booth a few minutes ago to give it a crack the piece seemed to be most popular with female fair-goers, while men (except the one pictured above) were strangely put off by the pornstar-proportioned sculpture. We can’t imagine why.

— Shane Ferro, Benjamin Sutton

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